tang bar story

Dainty Sichuan started its business in 2003 by it's founder and chef Tina Li on Melbourne's Smith Street in a shabby 8-table space, offering authenticate Sichuan food. Fast forward to 15 years later, the strong and bold flavours of Sichuan cuisine, as well as the allure of the fragrances emanating through the doors have established Dainty Sichuan as a household name throughout Melbourne and beyond. it is regarded as the most authenticate Sichuan cuisine outside of China by Anthony Bourdain in his No Reservations Australia episode, and personal favorite of best Australian chef - Ben Shewry on CNN Travel. Dainty has grown from a 8-table hole in the wall establishment to a group of 20 restraunts through out Melbourne, ranging from iconic fine dining to popular fast-serve concepts.

Tang Bar is the very first concept introduced to the States. Our humble beginnings start in the most challenging times in modern history, the COVID19 pandemic. Like any other restaurant in the country, we fought for our survival, we struggled with our blood and tears. 3 years after the height of the pandemic, we are proud to report that our restaurant's sales exceeded the most of the National QSR Top 50, out-ranking many major well-established chains, and we are just getting started.